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The TOP 5 Alternatives to Modafinil

Modafinil is probably one of the most coveted nootropic / smart drug because of its prescription-only status in the United States. In the video, I outline my favorite 5 modafinil alternatives!

5. Adrafinil – the nootropic that metabolises into Modafinil.

4. Smart Caffeine – an effective combination of L-theanine and Caffeine.

3. Smart Drug Coffee 

To learn how to make Smart Drug Coffee, watch my video here:

2. SPRINT – Ideal to use to conquer a big project, a long day at work, or any mentally demanding task.

1. Nexus – Designed for both cognitive performance and maximum long-term brain function.

(Just to let you know, the above are affiliate links!)


My New Podcast

As some of you may know, I frequently make videos on my YouTube channel about increasing focus & productivity within the context of biohacking. I’ve recently launched a shiny new Patreon page (Patreon is a tool which allows people to support the content creators they love) and as a part of it, I’ve launched a monthly podcast about various topics I’m interested in. Here’s a sample bit below! Check out for the full version.


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Consciousness Hacking with Ken Wilber

I started reading Ken Wilber in 2005 after some ARG-contextualized correspondence with someone who I later discovered to be Chris C. Stewart. Ken’s work has been incredibly influential in not only my personal development, but also my perspective on – and work with – biohacking.

I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you an absolutely stellar piece of work put together by Tami Simon & Ken Wilber entitled Kosmic Consciousness (don’t let the title fool you, this is not a New Age artifact.) Kosmic Consciousness is an audio-book, but probably better described as an extensive conversation between Tami & Ken, that fleshes out a variety of topics (like consciousness hacking & biohacking) under the umbrella of Integral Theory. This release is a decent introduction to this world, however, it also compliments those persons who have difficulties dipping into some of Wilber’s more dense texts.

At this point, in 2017, having read almost all of Ken’s work, Kosmic Consciousness certainly tied a lot of knots for me when I first listened to it in 2011. It’s a must-listen for those who want a more integral take on biohacking.

Here’s a list of my favorite tracks:

KC04 – 02 – Waking, dreaming, and deep sleep
KC04 – 03 – Your Original Face – the ever-present Witness
KC04 – 04 – How the experience of altered states leads to the acquisition of higher stages of development
KC04 – 06 – Levels and fields of subtle energy
KC07 – 03 – EEG evidence of brain states associated with satori
KC07 – 04 – How meditation accelerates vertical development
KC07 – 06 – Turiya- the fourth state of consciousness
KC07 – 07 – Highlights of Ken Wilber’s personal experiences
KC07 – 08 – Breakthroughs, downturns, and plateaus

I may summarize these later in future posts. Happy hacking!


Trello is my favorite project management tool

I’m a mixed bag when it comes to being organized. I recognize the value of organizing thoughts and ideas, however, when other elements creep in like planning/scheduling, I get a little anxious and feel confined. This just so happens to fit with my Myers-Briggs Type: INTP. Trello, however, is an application I can get behind and is something I’ve been using for almost two years.

Forget To-Do lists and writing on calendars, Trello is a web application (with a decent mobile counterpart) that is Agile friendly and makes organizing complex projects and tasks FUN (well, at least for me.)

Here’s a screencast I recently recorded, showing how I utilize Trello in my life. Enjoy!

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Well Come

It’s 2017, I’m 29 years old, and here I am – again – starting fresh with a new blog. While the exact year is unclear to me, it’s somewhat accurate to say I’ve had dozens of bogs since at least 2004 (perhaps even earlier if we accept posts on websites like MySpace as a blog.) And, if we include the concept of a personal Home Page (a term that’s probably been diluted over the past ten years,) that’s regularly updated, then maybe I’ve been blogging a lot longer than previously thought. Of course, here I am diluting the concept of a blog while pointing out the degradation of the Home Page. Silly me.

So why start anew? Well I’m very active, in a niche fashion, on YouTube where I talk about methods for increase focus and productivity in our professional lives. And, as some know, a niche/narrow website is a decent way to build an audience. For me, a problem arises, I don’t have a niche mind – it’s actually quite convoluted and I miss discussing a wide variety of topics (but I’m not interest in creating a dozen niche sites.) So here we are again: I’ve chosen blogging as a way to essentially do what I want, without building an audience as a primary goal.

There’s also some therapeutic reasons for blogging/journaling, but I think we can chat about that in another post.